Alabama Access to Justice

The Alabama Access to Justice Commission was created by order of the Supreme Court of Alabama in April, 2007 to serve as a coordinating entity for the legally underserved, the legal community, social service providers and the private and public sectors.

The 20-member commission is comprised of citizens representing the legal profession, educational administration, religious community, military, business sector, advocacy groups representing low-income Alabamians and volunteers.


The mission of the Alabama Access to Justice Commission is to coordinate, expand and promote effective and economical civil legal services for the poor and vulnerable people of Alabama.


1. Improve and expand the provision of legal assistance to Alabamians, particularly low-income individuals and families.
2. Increase the participation and provision of services by attorneys, legal professionals and volunteers.
3. Provide the various social service agencies and organizations with more effective tools to assist those in need of legal services.

Alabama Access to Justice Commission
Post Office Box 4129
Montgomery, AL 36103

Telephone: 334-387-1604