Aliceville Museum

The Aliceville Museum started in the 1980s as an exhibit in a single room at the Aliceville Public Library.  In 1993, with the donation of the former Aliceville Coca-Cola Bottling Plant buildings and property to the Museum by the Coca-Cola Bottling Plant of Meridian Mississippi, the Museum began to grow tremendously.  Today, the Museum boasts four extensive exhibits filling three large buildings and a courtyard in downtown Aliceville.

The main exhibit features artifacts from the Aliceville Prisoner of War Camp that existed from 1942 to 1945.  This exhibit includes the largest collection of WWII POW artifacts in the US.  In addition to an extensive collection of POW artwork, there is furniture and other everyday items, and hundreds of documents, drawings, and photographs detailing daily life at the camp.  Hear from former POWs and camp personnel though videotaped interviews.

Another popular exhibit is the circa 1948 Coca-Cola bottling plant.  It includes what is possibly the only remaining intact small town bottling plant remaining in the United States.  All the old equipment is where it was installed when the building was constructed.  Learn about how the plant operated and see Coca-Cola promotional items and memorabilia, including a series of photos taken at the plant in 1949 for publication in the November 1949 edition of the ‘Coca-Cola Bottler’ magazine.

​Contact the museum for information about how to donate or loan items.

Aliceville Museum
 104 Broad St NE,  Aliceville, AL 35442