This guide was created to connect Pickens County residents with the many available resources among Aliceville, Carrollton, Gordo and Reform. This is the only community-based resource guide for Pickens County.

The University of Alabama-Pickens County Partnership seeks to provide sustainable health care for Pickens County and real world training for UA students in medicine, nursing, social work, psychology, health education and other disciplines.

Pickens County, Alabama, and The University of Alabama have created an innovative partnership to build a new and sustainable model of health care for the rural and medically underserved county. The UA-Pickens County Partnership seeks to strengthen the county’s healthcare system in an effort to improve the health of the county’s citizens and its ability to attract jobs and retain families. Working together, Pickens county citizens, organizations and health care providers, and UA faculty, researchers and students, are learning from each other, prioritizing needs, and identifying and implementing projects that provide solutions.